Snapshot move/rename

During reorganization of some servers I was forced to rename some directories that are backed up by kopia. I did not found a way to continue incremented backup in this situation. It would be great if would it be possible to just rename snapshots to allow moving existing snapshots to a different directory, user or host.

It would also be helpfull to allow kopia to continue incrementel backup if the ownership of files or directories have been changed e.g. with an additional snapshot create option like --ignore-user.

Is this the feature you need?

Yes, copy-history and move-history does exactly what I need. Thanks.

I can’t get this to work on Windows. It just says
kopia.exe: error: path 'copy-history' does not exist, try --help

I tried all sorts of variations and get the same result. Is this command compatible with Windows? The descriptions in the documentation are a little vague and an example scenario with example commands would go a long way for someone coming to Kopia for the first time.

Sorry, this command is only available in latest code and not in 0.7.3 builds, so you’d need to either build from source or use nightly build of kopiaui from here:

once installed use%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\KopiaUI\resources\server\kopia.exe

ahhhhhhhhh! ok. The datestamp in the documentation is “Last modified January 1, 0001” and there’s no mention of version requirements.

Just an FYI for future “me” 's to not have to bang their heads against the wall on that one.

Thanks for the quick response though.