Datas uploaded again and again

I made 5 snapshots from +/-500MB to 9.7GB.
The smaller one gets uploaded almost instantaneously
The 9.7GB always takes +/- 10min . Even If I do a snapshot right after the previous just ended.

$ kopia snapshot list
  2020-12-30 17:00:03 CET kb75d4e5b307e4758cda3f6e778ea040c 9.7 GB drwxr-xr-x files:61461 dirs:8134 (latest-3)
  + 2 identical snapshots until 2020-12-30 18:15:38 CET

as the snapshot list shows, the last 3 snapshots are identical. But they get uploaded everytime

may be I setup something wrongly. I tried without and with compression, same thing

When there’s a difference between snapshots , it takes 8-10mins to upload anyway, whatever the difference is

$ kopia diff kb75d4e5b307e4758cda3f6e778ea040c ke2d3d14b0e5e0e39c2b582a313236c31
. modification times differ:  2020-12-30 16:59:04.008512789 +0100 CET 2020-12-30 18:21:47.931794729 +0100 CET
added directory ./cli-logs
added directory ./content-logs

these newly added directories are empty

$ kopia --version
0.7.3 build: c3ade4b0ea7a1d20497fcfc4f4aec161f73c9505

I have fiber internet 20Mo/s (160mb/s) Up. 9.7Go datas takes approximately 00:08:20 to upload.

Any idea would be appreciated

That’s completely unexpected. Snapshots without change should be very fast.

Can you share a log of one of the uploads? (content-logs should not have any file names in it)

I only use the GUI so I had no logs nor informations.

I did a snapshot using the CLI and got this.

$ kopia snapshot create /home/user/Documents/
Snapshotting user@host:/home/user/Documents ...
 * 0 hashing, 0 hashed (0 B), 61595 cached (9.7 GB), 0 uploaded (0 B), 0 errors, estimated 9.7 GB (100.0%) 0s left   
Created snapshot with root k2b2ddaad14e4b1a09fc327add085fecb and ID 6ae71792b920d06d854853caca0b18f8 in 8m9s

So looks like nothing is uploaded but all the hashes checks take as much time as uploading everything. My Kopia repository server is distant. Does it only work on lan ?

Currently LAN is recommended because in repository serve mode, Kopia does not use local caching, which explains high latency. Cache is maintained at the server only and for directly-connected repositories, but not on clients that talk to API server…

Adding caching for clients should be actually relatively easy to do, can you file an issue on GitHub to track it?

I am very interested in client caching as well. What should the issue on GitHub cover? Only caching for clients which use the API or local caching for client which connect to a remote Kopia server? Or maybe two issues right away? :wink:

It’s one thing. local caching for repo server clients.

Done ! :slight_smile: Thanks !!