Does deduplication work across snapshots?

I’ve started using Kopia to back up some directories on a Linux server to a Backblaze B2 bucket, but I did it piecemeal at first, to make sure that individual home directories were backed up reasonably. I created separate snapshots for each home directory initially. Now that I’ve got a complete backup (it took a long time) I’d like to replace the per-home-directory backup with one that just points to /home. But I don’t want it to re-backup all the files it’s already backed up.

Will it use the existing blobs in the existing bucket to deduplicate the backup data if I kopia snapshoot create /home and thereby only back up things which have changed, going forward?

Thanks for any thoughts you might have!

– Morgan

Yes. Deduplication works across all repository reusing any data available. It means that in your case only some new metadata will be written to your repo.

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