Same snapshot, different paths

Assuming I already have a remote repository and two different machines, I want to backup the “same” folder from both machines to said repository.

If the folder is $HOME/foo on Linux this would be /home/me/foo and on macOS /Users/me/foo. Would doing kopia snapshot ~/foo on both machines backup as a single folder? If not, how can I do this?

Not sure I understand your question, but you should be able to backup two different machines to the same repository just fine.

Just run Kopia on each machine, connect to the same repository, and setup a policy to backup /home/me/foo on the Linux machine and a policy to backup /Users/me/foo on the Mac. Kopia will backup both machines to the same repository and use deduplication, so if the two folders contain the same content, then the repository will only hold one copy of that content.

Thank you. That was indeed my question. I wasn’t sure at which level deduplication was made and if the files being in different folders would make a difference.

As far as kopia goes, they are two very different directories, belonging to me@mymac:/Users/me/foo and the other to me@linuxbox:/home/me/foo so it will most certainly treat them as separate entities, BUT it will attempt to share as much data (ie, the content) that it can if you keep same/similar files in both “foo” directories. If they are almost 100% alike, the data usage for the second “foo” backup will be almost nil, but they are handled separately and can have very different schedules and so on.