Does kopia repository create response come on stderr?

I was trying to run kopia repository create using os/exec Start() command, and i see that stdout prints only the global policy and stderr prints the “Initializing repository …” message. Is this the correct behaviour I am seeing?

I am checking stderr to check if repo create is successful, is there any other way to check if this command is successful?

stdout: Retention:\n Annual snapshots: 3 (default)\n Monthl
snapshots: 24 (default)\n Weekly snapshots: 4 (default)\n Daily snapshots: 7 (default)
Hourly snapshots: 48 (default)\n Latest snapshots: 10 (default)\nCompression disabled.\n"

level=info msg=" line 104 Stderr: Initializing repository with:\x1b[0m\n block hash: BLAK
B-256-128\x1b[0m\n encryption: AES256-GCM-HMAC-SHA256\x1b[0m\n splitter: DYNAMIC-4M-BUZHASH\x1b[0m\nConne
ed to repository.\x1b[0m\n\nNOTICE: Kopia will check for updates on GitHub every 7 days, starting 24 hours after first use.\nTo
isable this behavior, set environment variable KOPIA_CHECK_FOR_UPDATES=false\nAlternatively you can remove the file “/root/.co
ig/kopia/repository.config.update-info.json”.\n\x1b[0m\n\nTo find more information about default policy run ‘kopia policy get’
nTo change the policy use ‘kopia policy set’ command.\n\nNOTE: Kopia will perform quick maintenance of the repository automatic
ly every 1h0m0s\nand full maintenance every 24h0m0s when running as root@kopiabackup-rst-mysql-data-4v8m7.\n\nSee https://kopia
o/docs/advanced/maintenance/ for more information.\n\x1b[0m\n"

Exit code zero will indicate success as is typical in Unix.

Yup that is what I am using. Was curious to know output being printed to stderr. Any reason for this?

No real reason, this bit of a code requires some cleanup.