Repository Server Creation Help Needed

Running TrueNas Scale. Using TrueCharts Kopia container. Having trouble with the commands needed to generate the tls-cert and display sha256 fingerprint on first start.

After install I go directly to the shell or webUI and create a repository in the directory I mounted. This seems to complete fine. In the shell it shows an error about user but I don’t think that effects the repo creation but this is first sign of trouble I see when performing the commands. Not sure if this is source of other errors to come.

The next command I perform is to connect to the repository which also warns me about user. It says it connecst and this allows me to create the first user. It succeeds. I then perform a command to query a list of the users and that confirms the new entry.

I then attempt to start the server and generate the tls-cert. Password is blacked out.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. That IP and port inserted do gain access to the webUI of the kopia instance so I don’t know why they are not working in this shell command. Please advise.

Thanks for any and all time/consideration any of you give this.

I have attempted using the supplied address with my kopia port and the supplied command as-is with just the password edited in. When I use the, the sha256 fingerprint gets displayed but it can’t write the cert because it says its a read-only filesystem