Does kopia support Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage

I would like to ask, does kopia support Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage?

Kopia does not natively support Storj, but you can use Storj through Kopia’s Rclone repository. See Repositories | Kopia

Note that Storj has not officially been tested to work with Kopia, so report back if it works for you!

Hello, I tried it with the help you provided and found that rclone does work properly, but the transfer speed is very slow, so I tried other methods to create a kopia repository using S3-compatible Cloud Storage, first creating S3 credentials in storj S3 Credentials: for kopia access, and then using uplink to create a bucket kopia, . *uplink mb sj://kopia*, then using the kopia repository create s3, successfully created and connected to the kopia repository, so far, it seems to be working properly, and the transfer speed is very fast, and finally, again, kopia is very good software to use.

Good point, I forgot Storj is S3 compatible. Glad to hear it is working!