Server with remote storage


I am considering using Kopia, and I was wondering if it is possible or planned for the server to use a remote storage. The background is that the server adds interesting features, but root servers with terabytes of capacity are expensive.The idea is to use a lightweight (and cheap) virtual machine to run the server, and use a commercial storage for the data.
Obviously, this would not be very efficient, since the data is transferred twice. Is that even technically feasible or reasonable?


Kopia supports a few remote storage providers natively plus a lot more through rclone. I’m personally using a Kopia server with S3 backend, and it’s working well.

Thank you dimejo, but these are the storage types supported by the client. The server supports only local paths as far as I can see. Here is the documentation: Repository Server | Kopia (but it does not cover the storage topic specifically).

It is the same. Just connect to the repository as usual and then start the server.

kopia repository connect s3 --endpoint=[...] --bucket=[...]--access-key=[...] --secret-access-key=[...]
kopia server start --tls-cert-file /path/to/cert --tls-key-file /path/to/key --address :50505
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