Does slow speed of backup affect compression and deduplication?

I use keybase kbfs as repository and my upload is very slow and the kbfs journal ends up taking all my space - all of that is unrelated to kopia, but kopia has an option to limit upload speed which I used and it makes this solution work somewhat fine. However, I’d like to know if this affects kopia’s effectiveness at compressing or deduplicating the data. I have no way to test this with my data on a faster connection and when I just let it go without bandwidth limits it will fill up my RAM and drives (kbfs or kopia eventually get oom-killed or the drive fills up with kbfs journal).

I think that the upload speed is orthogonal to the performance of Kopia. The core splitter, as far as I can tell from the documentation, is not related in anyway to the medium the data is being stored in, or at what speed. So you should be good.

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Nothing is speed-related. All compression, deduplication, encryption and hashing first happen in memory, Kopia builds pack and index files which are then flushed to storage as the last step.

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Thanks for the answers