Slow upload to SFTP endpoint

Hi folks, Im writing to see If I can get some help regarding kopia and strangely slow upload speeds im seeing. I have a large directory full of files ranging anywhere from a couple gigs in size to say 80 or so gigs that is generated nightly by veeam for backup images of my windows pc, with weekly full backups (larger files). When uploading these via kopia to an sftp site I have configured on a remote side im noticing strangely low upload speeds. My ISP speed is about 20 mbps and the remote side has a gigabit downstream connection. I am coming from duplicati which would of course be able to saturate that uplink at around 2 MB/s. With Kopia, if I check the speed of the upload during a snapshot operation with something like nethogs, im only seeing a speed of around 300-600 kbps. This of course is impacting the time of these uploads quite dramatically. I have tried disabling compression, but notice no large speed change, Increasing the concurrent reads seems to have helped slightly as i can peak around 700kbps. Im wondering if I can get some help in finding the bottleneck of the backups as it is having a significant impact on larger uploads. The PC hardware im running on is a 4 core i5 skylake with ~12 gigs of ram on debian bullseye with plenty free. During the snapshots, I do not see a significant cpu or memory load on the system at all.

Any help that can be provided would be great as I have searched the documentation and google, unable to find much. Thanks