Error messages in gitted build of kopia possibly due to tempfile.Create() in bigmap


I pretty much build a new version of kopia every day from git. Yesterday, after making a snapshot with version:

20220915.0.0-859600fb build: 859600fbe5f4b94791fc174a2dce842aafaf431e

built with go1.19.1

I got

Running full maintenance...
Looking for active contents...

Then 29 lines like this:

WARN unable to create memory-mapped segment: unable to create memory-mapped file: open : no such file or directory

I haven’t done a bisection, but this may be down to commit: 33fa5cbd50

The kopia repository type is: filesystem.
OS: Linux
Kernel: 5.19.8

Is this issue likely to have impacted the integrity of the backup?

Thanks for kopia, it’s a lovely piece of software!


You should post this at github for quicker visibility by the devs: Issues · kopia/kopia · GitHub

I’ve done this now! Hope I don’t get my wrist slapped for cross posting. :-[


Thanks for the report, this does not impact the integrity of backup, if tempfile is available Kopia will use memory. We should remove the warning.

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Thanks for letting me know (and for kopia!).