Error messages in gitted build of kopia possibly due to tempfile.Create() in bigmap


I pretty much build a new version of kopia every day from git. Yesterday, after making a snapshot with version:

20220915.0.0-859600fb build: 859600fbe5f4b94791fc174a2dce842aafaf431e

built with go1.19.1

I got

Running full maintenance...
Looking for active contents...

Then 29 lines like this:

WARN unable to create memory-mapped segment: unable to create memory-mapped file: open : no such file or directory

I haven’t done a bisection, but this may be down to commit: 33fa5cbd50

The kopia repository type is: filesystem.
OS: Linux
Kernel: 5.19.8

Is this issue likely to have impacted the integrity of the backup?

Thanks for kopia, it’s a lovely piece of software!


You should post this at github for quicker visibility by the devs: Issues · kopia/kopia · GitHub

I’ve done this now! Hope I don’t get my wrist slapped for cross posting. :-[


Thanks for the report, this does not impact the integrity of backup, if tempfile is available Kopia will use memory. We should remove the warning.

Thanks for letting me know (and for kopia!).