Extremly slow hashing during rclone upload, after a couple of aborted backup attempts

I’m using Ubuntu 20.04.3 and the latest version of kopia (0.9.0-rc3 build: d56b93587ebcdb0cef9359c49c25a3dbcfa5116) together with rclone (v1.56.1) and a repository on onedrive, making a backup of my whole system without using compression (excluding /swap.img /dev /proc /sys /tmp /run /media /lost+found /mnt) and now after a few attempts kopia is running/hashing extremly slow. I did a backup of 16gb on another rclone reposity (mega) a few days ago, and that went through in less than 30minutes. Now kopia has been working for 10 hours but only hashed 245812 files (10.5 GB) and estimates 145h35m35s left.

I’m running it with kopia snapshot create / --log-level=debug

It outputs a lot of error messages like:
could not find cache entry for file-so-and-so

…and a lot of these messages:

finished sweeping content cache in 259.452µs and retained 0/5242880000 bytes (0 %)
finished sweeping metadata cache in 1.038361ms and retained 4801557/5242880000 bytes (0 %)
finished sweeping content cache in 106.258µs and retained 0/5242880000 bytes (0 %)

My impression is that it used to work quicker the first times, but I then aborted by sending the kill signal to kopia. I’ve since then cleaned up the cloud by deleting everything there and cleaning everything locally in ~/.cache/kopia and ~/.config/kopia, and then setting up a new repository which I now backup to.

Any ideas?

I’m suspecting it’s the terrible upload speed on onedrive that causes the slowness and that it has nothing to do with previous cache.

I’ve speed tested onedrive with rclone copy and I get around 1mbit (compared to 13mbit on mega and 26mbit on google drive).