Solution to slow rclone restore

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The Issue

Rclone downloads in 20 seconds, while kopia doesn’t seem like it will ever finish.
I took a look at --log-level=debug and it seems to be taking its time on copying .git folders which have many and very small files.

To make things worse, it seems to be using 3MiB/s to 14MiB/s of network in spikes to a microsoft ip, which is way more than the reported 600KB/s. I believe kopia is doing something very wrong for this to happen, like redownloading the repo for each file or something.

# rclone copy remote:Folder . --onedrive-chunk-size=25Mi --config=/run/secrets/rclone --progress --transfers=64
Transferred:   	 412.315 MiB / 412.315 MiB, 100%, 23.868 MiB/s, ETA 0s
Checks:                 1 / 1, 100%
Transferred:           40 / 40, 100%
Elapsed time:        18.6s

Kopia restore will never finish

The Solution

Use Rclone with VFS cache

kopia repo connect rclone .. \
	--rclone-args="--onedrive-chunk-size=25Mi" \
	--rclone-args="--vfs-cache-mode=full" \
	--rclone-args="--vfs-cache-max-size=1G" \

This made my restore from probably 3+ hours to Executed in 141.63 secs!


I tried --cache-directory /tmp/kopiacache --content-cache-size-mb 900 but kopia only used 4.8MB of that cache.