Filesystem XFS vs. BTRFS?

For the backup repository, any problems/issues I should be aware of if choosing BTRFS filesystem?

The reasons why I want to choose BTRFS is for the filesystem integrity check/scrub. I want to use this feature to provide me some assurance of the backup integrity more quickly than Kopia’s full integrity check. I have recently received SMART errors regarding relocations, which seem benign and normal (part of HDD ECC), but I’d still like to be able to verify.

I will also be pooling drives using Unraid. So when backup storage runs out, I’ll add another drive to the backup pool, using Unraid and not BTRFS’s pooling or RAID feature.

While I’m running a UPS, I also don’t won’t potential unrecoverable filesystem corruption, and have read XFS is better. But if Kopia is capable of handling hardware interruptions/crashes during backup operations, then this won’t be a problem.



I have ran into an issue when using kopia maintenance with my / & /home both on a compressed btrfs subvolumes.
The system would run out of memory and either reboot or kopia would terminate

I guess because the local cache is stored in the home directory by default

My backups stayed on exfat usb disk. So i can switch the disk between linux and windows hosts.

In your case when you are using the target disk to be btrfs
Possibly avoid compression as it might not help.

In my experience this is an early indication of an imminent catastrophic failure. Given the dollar-to-importance ratio, I would replace any drives indicating sector relocation.