Get installed Kopia server version via curl

I have an installed Kopia server behind the basic auth (server_username/password) so the user credentials are requested when I access the server UI.
Now I need to get the installed Kopia version number via an HTTP call from an external host which monitors the software version upgrades and notifies me. The problem is that when I curl the Kopia URL without authentication (I don’t want to expose Kopia server admin creds) Kopia responds just with HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized without any response headers of its version or so.

Is it possible to get the Kopia version without auth?

You can run on cron something like:

kopia --version | awk '{print $1}' >/path/2/document_root/of/some/simple/http/server/SuperSecretPath/kopia.txt

then query with

curl -q http://domain.tld:12345/SuperSecretPath/kopia.txt

this way you will expose the only kopia’s version and the only over unknown for anybody else link while keeping access to kopia server in a secret