Google Cloud Storage hanging for me

I have been using Kopia for the past few months. I’m really impressed with it. I typically use it via the Kopia server and trigger snapshots either automatically are on demand from the web interface. I do not use KopiaUI, but connect to manually from the Brave Browser.

I’m running version 0.11.3, compiled from source.

I have successfully used it with S3, (via sftp), local filesystem (USB stick), Backblaze B2 (yeah, I’m a bit paranoid :slight_smile: ). I even have a setup where I am running a server on a remote host which is backing up to a filesystem hosted in a redundant CEPH cluster (via CephFS). This all works great.

However, when I use Google Cloud Store (GCS) it works for a while, but then the Kopia server hangs and has to be killed and restarted. Has anyone else seen this behavior? I am not backing up large objects. The whole repository size on GCS, as reported by “kopia content stats” is less than 3GB.

One other tidbit. My network connection is via a VPN which reduces the packet MTU size to 1427.

For the Curious:

I run several kopia servers simultaneously listening on different ports and with different home directories (so the configs and caches are kept apart). Each server is for a different repository, one for B2, one for S3, one for the USB stick … etc.

Thanks for any help or insights into this issue!


What does the log say when GCS hangs? I am able to use GCS + other repos simultaneously just fine, although I use KopiaUI

Sorry for the slow response, been busy! I don’t recall anything exciting in the logs, but I’ll double check.

One interesting tidbit. When you ^C the kopia server you usually see messages about shutting down various things. When GCS is hung, you do not see these messages…

To be clear. I start the Kopia server and then connect to it with a browser. I can perform snapshots etc. Some are set to automatically snapshot on a schedule from the policy for the snapshot.

At some point, the web interface just hangs or reports “network error.” Nothing is entered in the cli-log or the content-logs, or standard out or standard error.