Kopia is eating CPU if KRS repo ins't reachable

Here is my setup:
Kopia Repo Server (KRS) v0.7.1 (CentOS 7) accessed over LAN from KopiaUI v0.7.1 (macOS 10.13.6 on laptop).

The problem: if the laptop is used outside the LAN (read: I’m going out to meet a client), when time comes for a snapshot, kopia will eat a lot of CPU (more than 380%, according to Activity Monitor):

Under normal operation, I’ve seen it peak at 140% momentarily, but nothing noticeable.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this using a Filesystem repo (on external drive), but the problem described above is occurring on two laptops.

I could create a workaround using Keyboard Maestro to quit KopiaUI when the laptop is not in the office, but would rather prefer KopiaUI to handle this on its own.

Any thoughts?
Anyone able to recreate this behaviour?

That’s a good find, please file a bug on GitHub. Looks like we’re missing exponential back-off.

There we go:

I’ll mark this thread as solved to avoid having to manage multiple instances of the same issue.

I reopen this subject because i still notice the problem with Version v0.12.1 of kopia on debian 11.6
I’m using a local repository filesystem, but NFS mounted and thus not reachable when not on a specific network.
When this repository is out of reach kopia-ui is eating all of my CPU and is like stalled. It 's not happening systematically when the repo is out of reach but seems to happen after the due date for a snapshot is largely past.

Hi @Bruno, first off, welcome aboard!
Could you perform this simple test?
Launch Kopia while the repo isn’t accessible.

  • does Kopia spin the hell out of itself?
  • is Kopia able to perform a snapshot after the repo becomes reachable (without relaunching Kopia)?

Thanks for the welcome message.
When I launch Kopia while the repo isn’t accessible, kopia-ui seems to act normally, trying to initialize.
It is able to perform a snapshot once initilized when the repo is accessible again.
If i make the depo unaccessible again kopia eats up 25%cpu constantly.

The problem seems to appear after a longer period of inaccessibility and kopia-ui ends up eating up around 100%

Good to have a bit more info.
I’ll remove the [Solution] tag here.
Let’s see what @jkowalski and others more knowledgeable than me can find.