GUI client for a remote ubuntu server

I would like to use Kopia to backup my ubuntu server running on Rackspace. The server doesn’t have a gui interface but is there a way of using ssh or similar to connect a gui interface on my laptop to control backups on the ubuntu server?

Thanks in advance.

Run copia as a server on your Rackspace VPS, then connect from anywhere to http://your-rackspace-ip-address:51515
Make sure you set up user/password on parameters when you run kopia as server mode.
You then create your initial snapshots on the command line on your vps.
Then you can remotely control schedules, policies, etc. from anywhere via web interface.

@kwag thanks very much for your help. I will try this out.

Just one note - make sure to use use TLS and strong password in this case.

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For remote connections I would use SSH and port redirect.

Maybe using kopia in scripts and cron is more suitable for servers; personally I haven’t tried it (servers already backing up using restic in my case).