Getting Started - GUI - Connecting To Other Servers

Ok, Really having issues with the Kopia Docs in general but here is what I’m trying to do.

Install Kopia on Backup server , Connect to other Network Servers , on Same VLAN and On Other VLANS, Take Sceduled daily Backups , Send Backups to s3 Storage. Use GUI If Possible.

First, I do not use Gnome, if I use GUI It’s connects through server HostName or Ip with specified port. Is this possible with Kopia as I have found no documentation about using it ( Or Rather Accessing It ) after install. I disd See You havea video but this part was skipped.

So far, I have Kopia installed on the Backup Server.
I have connected and validated connection with iDrive S3 Storage.

What I can’t find is if I can connect through the network to my other server, take sceduled snaps and send the to S3 and if so how?

I did read somewhere about Mounting a drive from Kopia to other servers to take the snapshots but I do not consider that a solution and will not be connecting like that, also I think that was on a random blog somewhere.

Also, If kopia was installed say on a server that was not dedicated for backups, how do you take the snapshots and sent them to s3?

Thanks In Advance

If I understand correctly you are trying to do pull-based backups where the Kopia server connects to the clients (or other servers) and does all the work. This is not directly supported.

Mounting the clients data on your Kopia server with e.g. SSHFS and doing the backups directly on the Kopia server is a good workaround.

You can either connect directly to a S3 repository or connect to a Kopia Repository Server which is using a S3 repository.