Has anyone lost data with Kopia?

I’m thinking of switching to Kopia from my current proprietary solution.

Has anyone ever lost data with Kopia or gotten corrupt data? It doesn’t seem like widely known software and I’m a bit careful when it comes to my data.

Extra question: Has there been work on implementing a WebDAV alternative to mounting files on Windows? WinFSP seems to have gained traction and WebDAV has a lot of limitations.

Hi @5w4rf

I am using Kopia since March and it is running fine so far. However, I am running another backup to avoid single point of failures.

I may case am running Kopia and hyper backup as I am using a Synology NAS.

P.S. the linked post did not loose any data.


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Just running Kopia for a few days, but it’s part of my 3,2,1 backup strategy.

To be on top of corruption issues I run the Kopia jobs from cronicle.net with a verify backups script, that has output to Discord, if something corrupts I’d know it fast enough to repair the data.


set -eu

# Define an array of buckets
buckets=("kopia-bucket1" "kopia-bucket2" "kopia-bucket3")

for BUCKET in "${buckets[@]}"; do
    printf "Trying to connect to repository for Bucket: $BUCKET..."

    # Connect to the current bucket
    kopia repository connect b2 \
        --bucket="$BUCKET" \
        --key-id="$KEY_ID" \
        --key="$KEY" \

    if [ "$?" -ne 0 ]; then
        printf "Cannot connect to repository for Bucket: $BUCKET"
        exit 1

    echo "Verify Bucket: $BUCKET"
    kopia snapshot verify --verify-files-percent=1 --file-parallelism=10 --parallel=10

    printf "Disconnecting from Bucket: $BUCKET..."
    kopia repository disconnect

    echo "Done with Bucket: $BUCKET"