Restoring Kopia itself


I’ve been looking around on the forums and searching the internet for an answer for this but couldn’t really find anything that answers it completely.

I’m backing up a lot of data using Kopia towards S3 storage. This is done for my 3-2-1 backup and is my only off-site storage.

My question then, if for some reason the original server from which the snapshots are ran would be gone. What do I need to restore kopia on a new machine and get my data restored decrypted from S3?
Do I backup the repository.config somewhere safe of do I need more stuff?

This data is too important for me to just assume I can restore only to find out I cannot.

Thanks in advance!

I’m still new so not an expert but I was wondering too about this.

I used one of my alternative computers (Windows)

  • downloaded Kopia
  • used my S3 credentials and kopia password (no problem connecting)
  • didn’t see any snapshots until I realized I had to use the dropdown to change from local snapshots to snapshots stored under the original computer name

All my backup snapshots were there ready to restore.