How does kopia repo sync-to works?

What is the difference between syncing a repository with

Kopia repo sync-to… --delete
Rclone sync

My observation
Rclone sync worked fine treating it like any other data.
Kopia seems to like rechecking data as my pc heats up a little.

I had initially partly done a sync with rclone when kopia sync-to feature didn’t exist. Later resumed with kopia repo sync-to…
Kopia repo sync-to started sync right from start.:face_with_monocle:

So does repo sync-to do anything special??

Kopia does not do any rehashing during sync-to. It essentially copies files that don’t exist in the destination and deletes ones that don’t exist at the source. It does one more trivial check at the beginning of the copy, but that should not change the power usage.

What’s your source and destination repository type?

Src filesystem
Dst rclone onedrive

I was wrong about overheating that was another program which was taking too much cpu resources…

That’s why I saw the speed at the beginning was slow it then later goes fast…

Thank you