How to rhyme rclone with repository server restores?

The repository server works absolutely amazing. Fantastic how multiple clients can push their files in and unique files are only stored once. The ‘content addressable storage’ concept was new to me, yet very powerful.

Although rclone support is build into Kopia, I slightly prefer backups of clients to the repo server and the entire repo is synced to 1) backblaze B2 and b) MS onedrive using rclone.

What is the recommended way of restoring files from these cloned repositories?

1.1) In case local storage dies, should I simply download all from the remote repo and start the repo server with that file paht?

1.2 What are ways to access the remotely stored repo, e.g. to test integrity of the backups, without restoring everything?

PS thanks for the ‘repo’ shorthand for ‘repository’ when using the CLI (e.g. kopia repo status) :blush:

PS/2 I’ve asked @CrendKing to update his very interesting post also related to rclone here Kopia sync-to rclone using webdav - #3 by CrendKing

Ah, from within kopia (from any device that has rclone setup) one can connect to and use a remote destination created using rclone alone! Perfect.

kopia repository connect rclone --remote-path <remoteDest>:/<folder>
enter the repo password and you’re in.

Note this direct rclone syncing only works between cloud repositories (s3,b2,gcs,azure). Syncing filesystem, sftp, WebDAV to the cloud requires Kopia repository sync-to otherwise the result will be incompatible.

Depending on how much you need/want to test without doing a real restore, there is this option when backing up to re-checksum your local data and making sure it exists at the server end. This can be set to 1% or 10% or if you do it once, to 100%. This (setting to 100) would make sure all data does exist remotely and then you could have it at 1% which would not take huge amounts of time, while still doing random checks at every snapshot to help find when/if there somehow is data missing at the server end. ( ForceHashPercentage )

Also, you can run “content verify | Kopia” to make sure that the content that the repository claims is there, actually exist.

Thanks Jarek for that clarification. Also, rclone support is clearly stated as being experimental currently.

Would you mind clarifying the the documentation ahead of a stable status?

Example sentence: "Preferably use ‘sync-to’, but feel free to use rclone as a drop in replacement for sync jobs as long as modification times (or ModTime in the rclone overview table) are supported by the remote destination, you could use rclone independent of kopia. Kopia can connect to that repo as long as the rclone configuration is correct.

I am perfectly aware of you being able to write a perfectly correct English sentence. Just trieing to support where I can (that’s not writing code unfortunately ;).

That sounds realy good, it is what Duplicati does with their backup-test-samples[(Advanced Options - Duplicati 2 User's Manual) and what gives me confidence that restores might actually work once needed.

  1. How would one run kopia content verify on a remote rclone destination?
  2. And, how could one configure this in a global policy please?

Would one mount the remote destination first (e.g. rclone mount <dest>:/<destpath> /mnt) and than run the kopia content verify command?