How stop task snapshot?

I have windows server and run kopia con S3.
kopia snapshot create --all --parallel 10
i need stop snapshot at 6:00 every day and restart at 21:00 every day

i don’t find info on documentation, but chat gpt help me :stuck_out_tongue:
kopia snapshot create --all –end-time +10h --parallel=5

ChatGPT is confidently wrong sometimes. The --end-time flag overrides the ending timestamp stored (i think?). There isn’t really a good way to stop a snapshot after a certain amount of time, but you can give it a CTL^C or INT signal and it will save an incomplete snapshot.

where is –end-time official documentation? thanks

There isn’t really any good documentation about these flags, but I’ve been working on improving that. The only place the --end-time is mentioned is in the help for snapshot create. So do $ kopia snapshot create --help and it shows the flag

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