Simply - How do I pause a backup

Hello all!

I have found Kopia, and am using it to backup my NAS and Desktop computer to B2 Backblaze.
I am snapshotting a single share on my NAS, and it has taken about 4.5 days thus far and is only 60% complete.

I need to restart my computer, I do not know how to pause the snapshot without losing the progress.


  1. What should I do to pause this? Or is it impossible?

  2. Is it ‘normal’ for the backup of 600GB to take 4.5+ days? I have pretty fast internet (I live in a major USA city, so the infrastructure is excellent)

Thanks all, I appreciate you all!!!

Screenshot is below

The first run takes a long time, but subsequent snapshots would run pretty fast.
Go to (when you stopped kopia) and post here your download/upload speed

server pause if you would run it from command line . There also is a button to cancel snapshot in UI. Click on “details” (on the right side) and scroll on top, there should be red button -“cancel”. You shouldn’t worry, kopia will pick up where it stoped next time.

I believe it either B2 is lagging a little or you are on simple cable (comcast?) where upload speed is 10 times less than download. I run kopia as a server on dedicate computer and it ate 1Tb in less than 2 days over 100Mbps symmetric channel. If you using compression, try to exclude extensions that shouldn’t be compressed (7z, rar, zip,xz…). Also play with --parallel option, in some cases it helps.
Do not forget also that kopia have to read and hash all content that it pushing to remote storage and it takes a time.