How to change/restore the password to repository


I forgot the password to the KopiaUI repository on Windows 10. I would like to ask how “easily” could I change it when I am still connected to the repository? It would be great to have the option in KopiaUI since I do not know a lot to work with command line.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hey @Lessi,

have a look at here: Frequently Asked Questions | Kopia
You must use the cli since it has not been implemented in kopia ui. However, as you are still connected you should be able to reset your password.


Hey ChrisA.

Thanks. I was looking over there, but I do not understand it a lot. I don’t know what all steps should I make to change the password with CLI.

Hey @Lessi,

when its working, it is pretty simple :slight_smile:

Open Kopia UI and you most likely see your repository and snapshots. It should look like this:

Click on the yellow button to copy the command. In windows open the command line (type cmd in search box) and then paste the command.

After that modify the command. It should look similar to this:

C:\Users\...\KopiaUI\resources\server\kopia.exe --config-file=C:\Users\...\kopia\repository-1689687853158.config repository change-password

That should be all. Enter a new password and that’s it.

PS. I’ve omitted my path

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Thanks a lot, @ChrisA! It is so simple. You saved me. Thanks :wink: