Scheduled task: Enter password to open repository:

any ideas why my script is emailing me its log file results with:
"Enter password to open repository: "

if I run the task or script manually it works.

on this system I did do some playing around with copying the kopia configs to \windows\system32\config\systemprofile, while I was exploring whether running as SYSTEM user helped with file permissions (which it didn’t - see thread: Kopia utilise SeBackupPrivilege on win32 to bypass NTFS ACLs - #4 by basldfalksjdf)

In Windows password is stored in Credential Manager - if your automated way asks for password it means that kopia does not have rights to access it the way how you run it.

This is windows wizardry you find the way to solve or if not, use simplest possible method in your automated script:

kopia snapshot create --password "$password" --all

and provide $password using whatever you are familiar with. Can be even explicitly hardcoded (not nice and secure but good start).