How to find the files with large changes between snapshots?

I use kopia to backup my home every hour. Currently it’s about 50 GB contained in 15k files, but each time 1-2 GB get hashed and I try to identify what changes all the time (to check if I could safely exclude it from the backup).

I tried:

kopia diff k984b43b9c5e16751475e3ba7293d2987 k7f45f555997bb4e7d24a7fced683387c | grep -v "modification times differ" | grep -v "sizes differ" | less

But I didn’t find a good way to sort the output by file size. Any ideas?

This would be a good feature to add to Kopia and should not be too hard to do. PRs are welcome.

Hm, maybe that’s a good opportunity for me to start learning go :slight_smile: