How to know if a restore has been successful?

I have been testing KopiaUI with ~1TB of files. Backup seemed to work fine. KopiaUI gave no errors. I then tested restoring. When I started the restore, I could see the restore progress in Tasks in KopiaUI. I let the restore run overnight and came to check on the progress, but I no longer see the restore in Tasks. How do I confirm that restore was successful? How do I know if there were any errors? Anyway to view the restore in Tasks again?

Further, how does KopiaUI ensure that a restore has been successful? Does it do something like verify hashes of restored files to ensure they are the same as the ones backed up?

To follow up on this. restore was NOT successful. I used WinMerge to compare my source files to the restored files and the restored files are missing many files. I believe this is a restore problem rather than a backup problem because the backed up snapshots show the missing files.

How do we better monitor restore success or failure? There was no way for me to know this restore failed if I had not had access to the original files.

FWIW, I cannot even find the relevant log for the restore I tried… so not sure what is going on.