Restore a folder from UI

When I browse a snapshot, I can download a file from UI, but I cannot download a folder. Adding an option using right click (or a checkbox) would be helpful.

It’s coming soon:


It looks great, especially having information about the progress.
But (users always have a but…) it isn’t clear to me which files it is restoring. I supose it is restoring all the files/folders in the list.
I think a checkbox (with classic check all, check none, invert check) would help you when you only want one or some files/folders.

Thanks for your work (and your time!)

I used the restore (0.8.2) for a folder and it works perfectly. The same for some files (it saved my day restoring a project from a failed upgrade).
The features I miss are:

  • Being able to check which files/folders to restore; for example when you need just 5 files from a folder.
  • Being able to restore directly to original path
  • In case of inplace folder restore, being able to choose between
    • overwrite/merge: overwrite restored files, keeping new ones in place.
    • replace: remove existing folders before restoring them, so new existing files/subfolders are removed. It would be useful when restoring a folder containing a git repo for example.

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This would be a wonderful addition, and probably the only one that’s missing for the complete set of restore options.

Is there supposed to be a progress bar when restoring? I am restoring a 117gb file right now, I can see kopia.exe running in the background, but no statistics on its progress… same for the UI - nothing?

Yeah, single file does not currently have intra-file progress, but this can be done. Patches welcome.

Sorry for weird question, just a few days since I started using your tool, but still don`t see any multiselection option, it is easy to restore single file, but very bad usability experience for restore a few files or folder.
Do you plan to implement such a thing?