I want a one-way sync to be performed programmatically from master_foo –> slave_foo

My desired outcome

I have two free Google accounts. Let’s call them master_foo and slave_foo.

Every x hours—for example, every 12 hours—I want a one-way sync to be performed programmatically from master_foo –> slave_foo.

To ensure you understand what I want, I will be both verbose and redundant. I want changes in master_foo to be reflected in slave_foo, but I don’t want changes in slave_foo to be reflected in master_foo. In other words, in database lingo, what I want is analogous to a Master–>Slave relationship. Frankly, normally I don’t intend to use slave_foo. Instead, I intend for slave_foo to function as a backup.

My question #1
Is Kopia a good tool to achieve my desired outcome?

My question #2
If Kopia is a good tool, and because I am willing to use Kopia CLI, then which of the following do you recommend I use…

According to Repositories | Kopia

“Kopia supports Google Drive in two ways: natively and through Kopia’s Rclone repository option. Native Google Drive support is currently only available through Kopia CLI; Kopia GUI users need to use Kopia’s Rclone repository option.”


“Kopia supports Google Drive natively and through Kopia’s Rclone option (see below)
Native support for Google Drive in Kopia is currently experimental”

In case it matters…

I’m running Linux Mint 20.3.

I am a heavy Google Drive user. Primarily I use Google Docs. Occasionally I use Google Sheets. Currently I use Google Takeout to backup my data, but it’s a rudimentary solution which is barely adequate for my needs.

Kopia has a built-in command to synchronize repositories. From my understanding this command never writes to master_foo and only writes to slave_foo if explicitly asked to.

Another option to one-way sync 2 Google Drives would be rclone sync.

Can’t comment on this because I never used Google Drive for backups but I would generally avoid experimental features if critical data is involved.

Thanks for taking the time to give me your advice. I’ve never used it, but I’ve been aware of venerable old rclone for around a decade.