Is it possible to pause backups for a specific path?

Like if I need to restore files, I would want to pause any backups on that path, until I restore the backup and verify it.

Haven’t found any ways to do so. The only actions available are “Policy” and “Snapshot now”, no pause.

I guess temporarily copying settings from Snapshot Frequency, Times Of Day and Cron Expressions, then disabling all backup times listed there, then restoring copied settings back later would work, but its a terrible solution.

This is still a problem.

Any solution?

Hi @Shajirr,

if you are looking for a button to temporarily disable the snapshot creation, then i have bad news. This is not implemented yet. It is only possible, if the policy does not contain any snapshot frequency settings:

The snapshot then can only be triggered manually. There is currently an issue that setting “none” in the child policy does not override the default time. So currently there is no real “none” frequency setting that can be set.


But I don’t wish to change snapshot frequency.
None of the existing settings should be changed when pausing snapshots.

I just want to pause snapshots until I restore a backup, as it makes no sense to continue creating them if you know the data is compromised and restore is needed, creating new useless snapshots with corrupted data.

This seems like a very basic functionality, and considering that much more complicated stuff is already implemented long ago, its weird to see something simple that is needed to be used pretty much every time when restoring backups missing from the program.

Is there any timeframe where it might be added?

In fact it have option to disable scheduled snapshots: set Manual Snapshots Only to yes.


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Not sure why you consider it important. If you plan to run massive (taking long time) restore than just quit GUI and use CLI.

If you need it then you have to implement it:) Or wait until somebody else thinks similarly and will do it.
It is open source at the end.

I just tried it. It doesn’t work.
“invalid scheduling policy: manual cannot be combined with other scheduling policies”

It cannot be used to pause backups.

So still need to take the cron expression, copy it somewhere, delete it in the policy to pause the backups…

You really do not understand why someone would need an option to pause backups?

Alright, here is an example - you discovered that a restore is needed, but don’t have time to do it right now. So you need to pause the backups until you can perform the restore. Any backups made past this point will have corrupted/missing/invalid data, and reduce the number of valid backups you have available.