Is kopia running in the background?

I installed kopia on arch linux.
Is it running in the background all the time for scheduling backups, maintenance etc?
I cant seem to find it as a service or process

Do I have to run ‘kopia server start’ for it to run in the background?

Yes, you will have to either start kopia server manually, or write a little startup script and invoke that from systemd.

Thanks, I’ll do that :grinning:

I want to backup some file owned by root. Do I simply “sudo kopia server start”? Or is it a more secure/elegant way?

Using Kopia Server unattended is a bit involved, as it requires a start script and a config. Just running kopia server start won’t do it…

You will then also have to configre a Kopia client locally in order to push snapshots into the server. If this client runs as root, you can snapshot anything you want on that server, as long as its a regular file.

ok, to clarify my setup.
In my lan i have a arch-linux server (called hope.lan) This server containt the files i wish to back up. I want to back it up to a synology NAS, also on my lan. The synology is mounted on hope.lan as NFS

I then start kopia server on hope.lan at boot and access the web gui from my desktop-computer. From the gui I configure kopia to schedule backup to synology.

crontab -e
@reboot sleep 180; sudo kopia server start --insecure --address --server-username magne --server-password mypw --override-hostname hope --override-username magne

I feel im on the right track, not sure i understand the override-username/hostname thingy…

Please take a look at this thread - we have been discussing this:

Feel free to chime in with any additional questions you might have.