Kopia UI as root

I am new to Kopia. Can someone let me know how to launch kopia UI as root on ubuntu 20.04? I am not sure if there is an issue wtih my OS or there is different way to launch it as root.

sudo kopia-ui also shows above error

What about: sudo kopia-ui?

I’m also running Ubuntu 20.04, I only get the “running as root” error with sudo or as root, not the other error. But with --no-sandbox the kopia-ui starts as root.

Instead of running as root, use linux capabilities.

setcap cap_dac_read_search=+ep /usr/bin/kopia

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I found this after trying to get Kopia to back up root folders. The problem is, setting the capability for Kopia isn’t enough; it must be set for Kopia-UI as well. But as soon as you do that, Kopia-UI can’t see libffmpeg.so. Apparently this is by design.

So we’ll need another solution for backing up folders only readable by root.

Try using kopia server instead of kopia-UI. The interface is the same, you just have to have a browser available to use with it, which I’m guessing you do.

It’ll give you the exact same experience, but you’ll be backing up all your root folders no problem!