Is there a way to retrieve a removed snapshots information?

In an attempt to save space, I (stupidly) set up my retention policy to be 1 daily, 1 weekly, 1 monthly, and 1 yearly snapshot. What I didn’t consider is that when I boot up Kopia for the first time to recover from a disaster, it would begin creating a new snapshot to overwrite the old ‘daily’ one.

Unfortunately, it seems like my Weekly one wasn’t working right, and is multiple months out of date, so Im wondering if there is a way to retrieve the ‘yesterday daily’ snapshot that was overwritten with my 0kb of data when I started the Kopia Service this morning to pull down my backups from Backblaze.

I attempted to roll back my Kopia AppData, but the changed retention policies and snapshot information (0kb) were still there, leading me to believe that this information is stored in the remote repository. I just need to ‘roll back’ to the snapshot that existed at the time of my backup yesterday morning, and not use the snapshot that overwrote my Daily snapshot when I booted it up and no data was present in the shares.