Is there any way to disable encryption?

I’m trying to use Kopia with rclone but as I see it Kopia makes me choose between encryptions without any option to choose nothing, it is possible to do this?

I’m asking this because I’m trying to reuse the already uploaded files in my crypt remote thought I don’t know if it is even possible, I’m trying to not re-upload everything again and just switch applications.

It’s not currently possible - in old versions (1+ ago) it was possible, but such support has since been removed.

Note that not encrypting would not make the files readable anyway - Kopia stores files in packs + indexes which don’t really resemble original files.


Does Kopia works as usual when using a crypt remote or I better not use crypt and only use Kopia encryption.

There’s no benefit to using additional encryption (in rclone, etc.), but it’s really up to you.

Thanks, I’m going without rclone encryption. Is there any information about the hash algorithm and splitter options? I’ve been looking in the docs but can’t find anything, not sure what to select.

It’s usually good to stick to default until you have some experience to understand variously trade offs involved.

Thanks, I’m set up now. Just a last question: Is there a way to add additional args to rclone when using the GUI?

Also, it’s been 25 minutes and it has only processed 1.7GB, is that normal? I don’t see much disk activity nor CPU usage.

Yes, use --rclone-args=RCLONE-ARGS when connecting to the repository. See kopia repository connect rclone --help for details.

Could kopia be waiting for rclone to finish uploading the current chunks?