Paths with Rclone remote

Hello. I’d like to confirm some thoughts.

I have rclone remote already set up to Google Drive and had uploaded many files through that remote. It’s a crypt remote so the unencrypted contents will encrypt before sending to google drive.

Now, i started by installing KopiaUI on my local Windows 10 machine. Opened and chose Rclone option as repository. Entered remote name and path (mine is called “crypt”) so it looks like “crypt:C:\path_to_rclone.conf”. Then entered same password as i have on rclone remote for encrypting contents.

Now, on Google drive, Kopia seems to create some stuff with following folder structure: /C:/path_to_rclone.conf/seems_like_kopia_repository_stuff. Now, the interesting part is, Kopia just copied folder structure to the path of rclone.conf which i don’t understand at all. But the rclone.conf isn’t file as in my local filesystem but it created folder with that name instead. Inside that folder is (assuming) Kopia stuff like kopia.blobcfg.f or kopia.repository.f. I would understand this if it would be in root folder of google drive (or, more likely, where the rclone remote is pointed which, in my case, is google drive root folder).

Is there way to actually point Kopia to different (existing) folder inside google drive? I have existing folder structure on Google drive obviously and i’d like to use that instead of creating new one.


Actual result:
Kopia backs up chosen stuff to /C:/path_to_rclone.conf/*

Expected result:
Option to enter path where i want to safe stuff on google drive through rclone.

You should use something like crypt:/ - the root of your crypt remote.

Why not just use an alternative like Goodsync or Gs Richcopy 360 , both are more easy and quick

I ended up with Restic. It is more reliable and simple although it is CLI.