Kopia 0.7.1 is released

Download available at:

This release includes:

  • fix for zero-sized snapshots bug that affects KopiaUI only
  • support for BLAKE3 hash, which is much faster than BLAKE2 (will likely become default in next major release)

This time again kopia windows 64 bit cli 071 detection 1/69 :frowning:

Will there be a “compatibilty” issue using different splitting algorithms? That is, will there maybe a lot of blocks be newly transferred, since the new algorith chops those out differently?

Ahh… see, this is not the splitter algorithm, but the hashing only - this is of course a nice speed bump nontheless, although I do think that splitting takes a greater toll…

Interesting… on my older Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2670 v2 @ 2.50GHz, the new BLAKE3 hashing algorithm is actually slower than BLAKE2B. On my newer Xeon BLAKE3 is faster by approx. 50%.