Kopia cloud provider migration

Kopia’s backup repositories differ when used via Rclone or native (GDrive). Isn’t it a bad design decision? Is there a way to migrate backup repositories from one to another?

I’d love to have the flexibility of connecting with different cloud interfaces/providers and keep one repository. Is that possible somehow?

You can always use Kopia’s sync-to xx command to sync your repos. I am doing that automatically with my local repo which gets synched to a S3 bucket on Wasabi.


I got burned with 12TB Arq backup that I had to finally abandon because of the same reason. Hence I vote for a design that is just compatible with many cloud providers (ie possible to just move files).

I got burned by this too. The last time I initialized a repo on S3 I tried to setup sharding, but for some reason it works only with local filesystems. This doesn’t make sense to me but I guess I learned something. :wink:

Sharding is especially bad for performance on S3 buckets, since this will cause too many fs operations. Those S3 buckets are designed to scale laterally, not vertically using folders.

However, there are use cases for adjusting the sharding settings, e.g. if you’re using ZFS, which is always metadata-intensive and I got much better performance with a lower sharding setting, then the default for a local fs.