Ideas for migrating a local repo

I have a local repository where I save an entire workstation’s disk. This workstation is under a 4G network (so with limited GB for months).
I’d like to migrate this local repo to a cubbit ds3 repo.

I can use a notebook connected sometime in office, where I’ve a flat fiber connection.
What could be a convenient way to migrate the local repo, using the other connection?
May I copy the entire kopia folder from workstation to the notebook and then sync from notebook to cubbit under flat adsl?

That’s what kopia repo sync-to is for… it will sync any kopia repo type to any other, local fs to remote s3 and vice versa. You need to create the S3 bucket and then have your local kopia sync the repo to the new S3 bucket.

The sync-to behaviour was clear to me, but can I copy entire local repo folder to another place and then start a sync-to?

I do not think so:

  1. Source and destination might use different sharding
  2. Not sure how kopia behaves with two repos with the same snapshots IDs etc. Maybe it will work - but why to push your luck when sync-to can do all job for you.

You can alter the sharding any time you want - I did that when it became clear that my repo, which was then on a ZFS, needed some tweaking. However, there are other issues as well. E.g. on a S3 bucket, the repo files have a different naming scheme and repos sync-to will take care of that, of course. As long, as you’re staying on a “local filesystem” based setup, you should be able to copy your repo anywhere you want though.

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