Kopia is using alot of GPU


It looks like Kopia is using averaging %15 GPU (Rtx 2070) when doing backups. Is there any reason why that is the case?

I am using Kopia GUI on Windows 10.


Rendering is done using HTML - is this when you’re looking at the UI or when it’s not visible?

I see the usage when the UI is visible. Constant usage of %15 Gpu seems alot to me just to render a window with some texts.

Is it possible to disable the GPU in the build? I am wondering if there is really any reason to have some kind of hardware accelaration for such a minor UI tool.

Kopia is not using GPU explicitly. It’s simply rendering html which uses a browser, which I guess is using GPU to optimize rendering. Are you seeing this behavior in other apps like that which are based on Electron (Spotify, Slack, VScode, Skype, Discord)?

I use VsCode, and I do not see this kind of heavy GPU usage by it. Kopia is the only one that I am seeing that has this issue.

Is not there a way to compile Electron without the hardware acceleration?

Is there a difference in GPU usage between different tabs in the kopia UI?

As far as I can tell the GPU usage goes high when there is activity like logging.