Kopia maintains connection to repository?


I’m migrating all my backup policy (individual ;-)) to Kopia.
I’ve setup main repository on my NAS and set policies to backup every x hours.
Despite next x hours needed before next snapshots will be made (and uploaded), in logfile from NAS I can see there are constans (every 3-5 minutes) informations about user accessing folder on NAS system.
I’m using Kopia UI on Windows, latest (0.12)


  1. Why does Kopia need to maintain connectivity to repository when there’s no need to?
  2. How can I avoid that? Is there option (I don’t see) to connect to repo only when needed - except for switching to command-line interface which I’d rather like to avoid :wink:

Those are important for me, as I also would like to setup remote repository to another location and I’d like to wake disk there only for purpose of backup - not having it spinning 24/7.

Thanks for great tool, btw.

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To not have this fruitful content lost, here is what Jarek wrote on slack:

Kopia (as of today) performs periodic refresh of the repository indices to discover new policies and bring in additional contents to aid in deduplication. The timing of this refresh has not been really tuned and is probably too aggressive and we can/should change it.
Come to think of it, we may want to introduce a mode where index refreshes in the UI are not automatic (perhaps make this configurable via policies, flag or environment variables), which should address your concern. I’m pretty busy right now and my time dedicated to Kopia is limited but if somebody were to research the topic, I’ll be happy to review and approve such change.
This frequent refresh used to be needed due to correctness issue, but with recent changes to how format blob is cached that should not be a concern anymore.
The server refresh logic is in source_manager.go

I’m not sure if I’d be able to develop anything in go without use of ChatGPT :wink:
Although I really hope this feature could get implemented as it would be nice to have possibility to either disable polling of repository by KopiaUI (on purpose) or do it before snapshots…