Kopia Server: handle multiple repos

Currently, Kopia Server always seems to read the local config file it has been given at startup, be it either the default config in


or the config file given with --config.file. Being able to pass a repo identifier with the connection parameters, would enable Kopia to select one of multiple repos on the Kopia server. It really bothers me a bit, that you can’t see what repo you’re actually connected to when connecting with Kopia to a Kopia server. It could very well be, that someone on that server just started another instance of Kopia and thus the default config changed.

Kopia server is meant to handle single repository - if you need multiple repos, start multiple copies of kopia server or use something like Kopia UI.

BTW. I have a feature in-flight to give each repository a nickname.

See the demo at:

Yeah, thought so. Maybe there will be some improvements in the future, but as of now, I am okay with setting up several instances of kopia server on my backup node. Regarding the use of KopiaUI - does is save all the different repos in the same comfig file? This surely seems not to be implemented in the current version of Kopia (CLI).

There’s always one config per repository - KopiaUI will just load them all and launch one server per config.

So, KopiaUI will load all *.config files from ~/.config/kopia ?

In the new version - yes. The old one has N more config files, making it unnecessarily complex.

BTW The new KopiaUI builds are available for download at:


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Is this a planned feature for Kopia Server? Seems to be the only thing UI has that server doesn’t.