Please: Multiple Repositories in the WebUI

I like to use the web UI for Kopia, using /usr/bin/kopia server start --insecure --without-password & then just opening localhost:51515

In fact, I have this happen at system start, and I click the launcher to look at the webUI if I want to.


Very handy, great stuff.

But I also want to back different things up to different repositories. I just unpacked my new 10TB hard drive, and I’m looking all over the forum for the --config flag that I need to use to launch a separate instance of kopia with a different config, etc. Can’t find what I’m looking for by searching, and I can’t remember exactly how I need to specify the config. Do I need to specify a separate cache as well? Can’t remember that either. “dis ain’t no good.”

Similar to whatever that dropdown menu is in KopiaUI, why not be able to switch between repos from within the web UI?
It gets requested here often enough, I would think it could easily be an option.

Even if it’s something as simple as a link that can be clicked that starts a new kopia instance and auto-fills whatever options and flags are needed to run a second config. The link can take me to localhost:51516 for all I care. It would just be nice to have something seamless that allows multiple repositories.

Is there any logical reason that this request is unreasonable?

For anyone reading and searching for similar terms such as “Multiple Repositories” …here’s what I found.

 ╰─λ kopia help --full | grep config
                              Specify the config file to use
    migrate --source-config=SOURCE-CONFIG [<flags>]
      from-config [<flags>]
      from-config [<flags>]
      from-config [<flags>]

Aha! So, it’s --config-file!
Google searching that exactly takes you here.

I’m guessing you should use an absolute path, rather than a simple file name, because I don’t think Kopia will check .config/kopia/ for your config that you’re specifying, but I’m not sure.