Kopia sync-to vs. S3 Native Replication

Is there any technical requirement or other advantage to using a ‘kopia repository copy-to’ over a native replication function of an S3 system? All of my kopia-connected hosts backup to their own exclusive bucket in a MinIO system. I’d like to use the MinIO console replication to create offsite replicas of all the buckets to a different, non-MinIO S3-compatible service. I can’t find anything in the documentation for Kopia that would lead me to believe using the server-side replication doesn’t work long-term (i.e. losing important metadata or something) but I wanted to confirm.

I can’t see any issues with what you want to do. Kopia’s repository copy-to mainly makes sure, that copying repos between different types of storages doesn’t screw up the copy. However, as long as the target of the repo copy is the same storage type, you can use a native replication mechanism as well.

Things would be different, if you wanted to copy a repo from a S3 bucket to, e.g. al local fs.