Kopia UI stuck in error loop when repository unavailable

I used Kopia UI (0.9.8) to create a repository on an external hard drive. After the first snapshot was complete I disconnected the drive. When I later opened Kopia UI I could see that it was repeatedly trying to perform maintenance on the now unavailable repo, and looking at the log file it was generating the following message about 1300 times per second. Yes, per second!

[2022-01-07 01:11:18.985] [info]  ERROR unable to run maintenance: error updating maintenance schedule: cannot create temporary file: cannot create directory: mkdir E:: The system cannot find the path specified.

Since I have other repositories connected, shutting down Kopia UI wasn’t a solution, and I ended up having to disconnect the external drive repository.

Would it be possible to make Kopia not go mad when a repository is unavailable, so that I don’t have to manually connect to it every time I want to do a snapshot?

I think you should perhaps file a GitHub issue, it is indeed bad that kopia is trying 1000+ times a second and it might be a genuine bug.

Yes, definitely file an issue, currently handling sporadically connected repositories is not really great, but we can and should improve this.

Alright, I filed an issue!