Kopia UI stuck in 400 error

Not sure if this is related to this issue - my repro is slightly different:

I simply disconnected from an existing repo and wanted to connect to another repo, since then, the UI is stuck in this situation and there’s no getting out of it, i.e. if I try to do anything, it always goes back to the Repository page and continues to request with a 400 error:

What do I need to delete before starting the UI so that this doesn’t happen anymore?

Obviously just deleting AppData\Roaming\kopia and kopia-ui isn’t enough, still stuck in that loop.

Full refresh of the page should fix the issue.

In the Electron client?

At any rate, I re-installed 0.9.8, problem gone, update to 0.10.0, loads ok, but as soon as I disconnect from a repo (with the button in the UI), the error is back. re-installed 0.9.8 again, wit that version I can disconnect just fine. So 0.10.0 is broken for me…

Confirmed, looks like unconnected repository is throwing 400, sorry I missed this. I will get the fix shortly. Until this is fixed, you should be ok with Kopia UI v0.9.8 - they are compatible in both directions.

This is now fixed in v0.10.1. Thanks again for reporting.

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