Kopia v0.11.0 has been released

Lots of changes in this one affecting all areas, ranging from new command-line features, UI improvements, performance improvements, memory usage reduction.

We also have a refreshed website with a bunch of new content and new graphics. Thanks to @basldfalksjdf - definitely check out https://kopia.io

As usual grab the bits from:


How do you upgrade from 0.10.7-1? it’s built from source with makepkg -si on arch-linux

Upgrading Kopia is fairly seamless – just rerun the installer or, in your case, rebuild from source and replace the old binary. Just make sure Kopia is closed before you do so.

The same applies for v0.10.7 to v0.11.0.

Do always check Upgrading to New Version | Kopia before upgrading, though. In rare situations where the upgrade path is more complex, it will be posted on that page. There should be no concerns of upgrading to v0.11.0 unless you currently have a version below v0.9.0.

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