Kopia v0.17.0 has been released

Release Highlights

This release includes 3 big changes to reduce memory allocations and thus improve performance:

  • refactored internal index read API to reduce memory allocations (#3754) by Jarek Kowalski
  • big reduction in memory usage during decompression (#3780) by Jarek Kowalski
  • Reduce memory allocation (gc thrash) (#3695) by Aaron Alpar

We’re also moving index compaction to the maintenance:

  • disable writes on index loads (#3646) by Julio López
  • perform index compaction during repo maintenance (#3651) by Julio López

Full change log at: Releases · kopia/kopia · GitHub


Full list of changes includes:

Graphical User Interface

  • Add language support for kopiaUI (#3768) by Christoph Anderson

However on macOS it is nowhere to be seen…

Is it hidden somewhere?

Reading related PR it seems that it should be obvious drop down list somewhere:

But looks like it did not make to 0.17 for some reason… at least on macOS.

It was just a partial change - internal API to allow language selection, not complete yet. I’ll update the release notes. Language selector should be coming in the next release.

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Amazing release, this made the UI super snappy! I’m only using Kopia for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love it. Thanks for the great work.

I’m getting the following error after installing this version, any ideas?

ERROR: error compacting single epoch: could not get latest single-compacted epoch: [lo: 8, hi: 1391], length: 1376: non-contiguous range