Kopia v0.7.2 is released

I’m happy to annouce that Kopia v0.7.2 has been released. It’s a recommended upgrade for all users and it should improve the reliability of long-running snapshots.

In this release kopia snapshot restore and kopia restore have been merged and now support either manifest IDs or object IDs, which was a common usability issue.

Notable changes:

  • Fixed retention tag application to incomplete snapshots, automatically apply at checkpoints. (#660)
  • repo: refresh indexes in the background every 15 minutes (#650)
  • Upgrade webdav client dependency to include bugfix for the race condition (#651)
  • b2: fixed handling of ‘no_such_file’ to indicate NOT_FOUND (#646)
  • cli: When listing directory that had errors, print error summary at the end. (#643)
  • Fixed empty object IDs in checkpoints (#649)
  • restore: improved user experience (#644)
  • Fixed few minor data races (#659)
  • Eliminated busy loop after snapshot failure (#658)

Downloads available at https://github.com/kopia/kopia/releases/tag/v0.7.2

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